TOP 10 Urban Mobility Solutions

viajeoDid you know that there are more indexed pages related to “list” than “love” in Google? That may be a sign that people love lists. Restaurants, films, universities, touristic sights or the service offered by a taxy driver; almost anything can become the subject of rating and rankings.

We have also made an effort to dice into bite-sized chunks some of the solutions analysed in the course of the project. The result is this brochure of “TOP 10 Urban Mobility Solutions” that features a selection of sustainable and innovative urban transport ideas implemented in different parts of the globe. Take it as an appetiser!

Download Viajeo PLUS TOP 10 Urban Mobility Solutions

To learn more about these 10 success stories that take you from Sao Paolo to Shangai and to discover many other interesting urban mobility solutions, visit the Viajeo PLUS Virtual Solution Book. This new online tool is currently being updated.