D 2.4 Executive implementation plans

This deliverable aims to provide an insight into how specially selected best practices can be successfully implemented in different cities. Six best practices were selected since these practices received a wide range of interests from European, Chinese and Latin American cities. The six cases cover all five topics the project addresses. The six cases are:
1) Mobility Management: Verona Integrated Traffic Management
2) Enabling Infrastructure: Guangzhou Tram Charging Infrastructure
3) Innovative Public Transport Solutions:
o Singapore Metro Travel Smart Scheme
o Singapore Distance-based Fare Pricing (DFP) on BRT/Bus Systems
4)  Clean Vehicles: North East England Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging
5) Urban Logistics: Gothenburg Stadsleveransen Micro Terminal and Freight Network
For each of the six practices, detailed description, assessment of transferability, benefits and key factors to be considered for implementation are provided.