MPC Forum 1st Report

The first MPC forum was held on 19 March 2014 in Istanbul. The forum was attended by stakeholders from Europe and many MPC countries. The aim of the forum is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the current transport situations in MPC countries, needs in R&D in urban mobility, thus to identify key priorities for cooperation with EC on R&D in urban mobility. Before organising the forum, questionnaires were circulated to MPC stakeholders to survey their views on current research topics and priorities on potential projects. Different countries have different levels of developments and their own social and economic characteristics and issues. Priorities vary from country to country.

However, common priorities identified in the forum can be summarised below:
– Encouraging use of public transport
– Educating policy makers and on ITS technologies;
– Development of smart phone apps for travel planners for commuters and tourists and informing travellers on congestions.
– ITS demonstration projects.
– Disseminating best practices to local;
– Policy study on integrated transport planning and land use;
– Demonstration of use of electric vehicles in public transport services;
This forum also served as capacity building opportunity for European and MPC stakeholders.


To read more please download the full report here