Solutions for Enabling Infrastructure

One important task of the Viajeo Plus project is to organize four individual
“Innovation in Transport – City Showcase” in Europe, China, Latin
America and Singapore respectively. Each of the City Mobility Week
consists of Showcases (live demonstration or site visits), ddedicated
workshop, bilateral meetings between stakeholders. This deliverable aims
at summarising key innovative solutions on enabling infrastructure. Those
solutions are proposed as showcases for the “Innovation in Transport – City
Showcase” and will be further evaluated together with solutions proposed
from other WorkPackages (WPs) in order to select host cities and
showcases at each of the host cities. For enabling infrastructure, the
following solutions are proposed:
– Europe: Plug-in charging station at bus stop for deployment of
clean vehicles and micro-terminal for sustainable urban logistics;
– China: BRT lanes on elevated ring road in Chengdu to enable
innovative public transport solutions and Hongqiao multimodal
interchange in Shanghai for integrated mobility management;

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