Technical site visit report of Casa Tramway and Medina’s Bus

This is a report prepared after participating in the CIVITAS annual
conference 23-26 September 2014 Casablanca, Morocco representing the
Viajeo Plus project partners.
This report mainly contains the information gathered during the site visit
made to the Casablanca Tram way and the Medina’s bus and some
important information gathered during the conference
Representing the Viajeo Plus, two main partners participated in the
CIVITA Forum SWARCO & Thetis.
The aim of the participation was targeting one of the main objectives of
Viajeo PLUS:
– exchange knowledge, information and best practice experiences
through various workshops and meetings related to Europe, Latin
America, China and Singapore and subsequently facilitate the
uptake of these solutions across different cities in these regions,
and Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs)


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