The Viajeo PLUS project

Greening urban mobility

Viajeo Plus collects good practices related to the promotion of clean vehicles, implementation of public charging points for electric vehicles, network management and access control, innovative public transport, multi-modal interchanges and urban logistics in Europe, Latin America, China and Singapore.

Viajeo Plus studies such practices and identifies implementations needs and develops executive plans for different scenarios, fostering collaboration between these regions on a global scale. Experience and knowledge are exchanged through showcases, site visits, workshops and dissemination learning materials with the final objective of producing a ‘Virtual Solution Book’. The Book provides a detailed description of initiatives and executive implementation plans for greater uptake by cities intending to implement any of these solutions.

Viajeo PLUS facilitates the “cross learning” approach between regions that will also develop a comprehensive understanding of state-of-the-art, R&D trends and policies in order to empower European industry for future global competition and to support European cities in their role to meet the sustainable urban mobility objectives established by the European Union.

The cross learning process will also be extended to Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPCs) where European industry and researchers currently have limited knowledge and local contacts.

Viajeo PLUS significantly helps European industry to strengthen its competiveness in the global markets.

Finally, Viajeo PLUS prepares the foundations for future collaboration with cities worldwide. It defines clear implementation strategies for the successful deployment of innovative and sustainable urban transport solutions as well as recommendations for the EC on future collaboration with other regions.