Viajeo PLUS builds upon and extends the five-step approach ERTICO has been implementing in International Cooperation projects, funded by the EC, which it has been working on over the past few years.
Viajeo Plus background
Viajeo PLUS includes two topics:

Topic One focuses on the active uptake and transfer of knowledge and solutions between European cities and cities across the world, in particular from Latin American Countries, China and Singapore. Numerous previous EC projects, such as SIMBA and SIMBA II cover the first three steps of the approach, whilst Viajeo and Stadium are relevant R&D and demonstration projects. Building upon this experience, Viajeo PLUS aims to speed up the technological uptake, disseminate successful experiences and transfer knowledge on the global stage.

Topic Two, i.e. cooperation with MPCs, will lay the foundation for more concrete cooperation in the future by building a network of relevant stakeholders, and carry out, i.e. the first 3 steps of the roadmap.