Best Solutions

This table details the best practice solutions collected by the partners of the Viajeo-Plus project. Clicking on the location of the best practice will bring up a more detailed overview of the project.

Focus Areas: V+ Best Practices
Effective Mobility Management Clean Vehicles Innovative Public Transport Solutions Enabling Infrastructure Sustainable Urban Logistics Location Solution
 X x  Beijing Transport Demand Management
 X x  The Hague Multi-Criteria Traffic Management
 X x  Jundiai Adaptive Traffic Control
 X x  Verona Integrated Mobility Management
X  Brazil BRT Systems
X  Istanbul BRT System
X  Cuneo Integrated Smart Ticketing
X  x  Madrid Public Transport Interchanges
 x X  Istanbul Real-Time Traffic Information
X  Rio de Janeiro Cable Car Transportation
 X  x  Sao Paolo Clean Fuel Programme
X  Shenzhen Integrated Rail and Property Investment
X  Zaozhuang BRT System
x X  Amsterdam Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
X x  Nanjing Electric Bus Charging & Maintenance
X x x  Shanghai Public Transport Interchange
X x  Shanghai Electric Bus Operation
x X  North-East England Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
X  x  Gothenburg Electric Buses
 X  Gothenburg Bus Route
X X  Gothenburg Freight Microterminal
 x X  Curitiba BRT with overtaking lanes
 X  Jinan Predicting transport demand
Key: X = Primary Policy Area.                  x = Secondary Policy Area.