City Showcase in Singapore

The last Viajeo PLUS City Showcase Singapore took place on 16-17 November 2016. It was organized by the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) and ERTICO – ITS Europe, with the support of the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA).

It aimed at facilitating knowledge exchange between Singapore and Europe on innovative and efficient urban mobility solutions.

Panellists and attendees highlighted the importance of tending bridges between the EU and Singapore. Talks also focused on the need to improve public transport in order to facilitate mode shift. Other topics in the agenda included autonomous driving and the use of ITS to improve the quality and efficiency of the transport networks.

Download the final agenda

Welcome and introduction to Viajeo Plus Yanying Li, ERTICO ITS – Europe
Mobility On Demand using Autonomous Vehicles Marcelo H Ang Jr,  National University of Singapore
Connected and Automated Mobility in London Natalia de Estevan-Ubeda, Transport for London
Sucess factors for intermodality Laura Delgado, CRTM   
Travel Smart Programme Lloyd Lam, Public Transport Promotion
Harnessing technology and organizational aspects for new mobility services  Richard Harris, Xerox
ITS in urban mobility – Successful stories in Europe and Beyond  Rasmus Lindholm, ERTICO ITS – Europe
myCicero multiservice platform: towards Mobility as a Service paradigm  Guido di Pascale, PluService
 ITS in Singapore Andrew Chow, ST Eletronics and ITS Singapore
Singapore’s Electro-Mobility Journey  Evan Gwee, Electro-Mobility Singapore Programme Office
Why electro mobility in public transport?  Ulf Gustafsson, Volvo Buses
Innovation in the UK transport sector: A Government View of a Low Carbon Future  Miles Elsden, UK Department for Transport
European R&D activities on electric urban bus systems  Michele Tozzi, UITP

The main topics covered in the Singapore city showcase were: (a) electric mobility, (2) automated transport systems, (3) ITS and (4) infrastructure and mobility management.

For some of the above topics Singapore has already developed and implemented solutions with a high potential for transferability across Europe, for instance the Travel Smart Programme to shift commuters travel patterns and reduce congestion on the Mass Rapid Transit during morning peak period. Other solutions such as autonomous vehicles technology for both private and collective transport are still under testing but they are considered best practices worldwide.

The showcase included:

  • serIntegrated Transport Hub at Serangoon: Since 2010, with distance fares, commuters pay the same fare whether they travel directly to their destination, or make transfers during the journey. For commuters who make transfers, LTA is actively working to transform city interchanges and stations into Integrated Transport Hubs (ITHs), lifestyle hubs where commuters can shop and have a meal before hopping on the train or bus to their next destination. Integrated Transport Hubs are fully air-conditioned bus interchanges seamlessly linked to MRT stations and adjoining commercial developments such as shopping malls.  Seven Integrated Transport Hubs are already in operation in Singapore.
  • Technology Showcase on Autonomous Vehicles: On 17th November 2015 LTA hosted in Singapore an event, independent form the Viajeo City Showcase, on autonomous vehicles technology developed in Singapore for both private and collective transport. Participants of the Viajeo City event have been welcome to join the demo showcase to see and partially test, as passengers on board the vehicles, 3 recent autonomous vehicles.

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