MCP Forum & Site Visits in Turkey

The first MPC forum was held on 20 – 21 March 2014 at Bogaziçi University in Istanbul.

The project consortium decided to organise the forum in Turkey’s capital for accesibility reasons and because several interesting urban mobility solutions have been deployed there.

Turkey has advanced public transport systems and the first BRT system in the region. The public transport system in Istanbul consists of metro, bus and tram.

Bus lanes and bus priority  signal control have been implemented in some Turkish cities.

Download the event’s agenda

Opening and keynote presentations
 Welcome & keynote speech  Prof. Lale Akarun, University of Boğaziçi
Overview of Viajeo Plus & Objectives of the
 Dr. Yanying Li, ERTICO – ITS Europe
Istanbul metropolitan Municipality: EU
Project Experiences
 Mrs. F. Betül Güney Akbiyik, Transport
Coordination Directorate Istanbul
Metropolitan Municipality
Istanbul public transport operator’s vision on HORIZON2020 and potential contribution  Mr. Fatih Caniteziett, İstanbul Electric
Tram and Tünel Company
 MPC partners & research funding schemes  Dr. Marcello Scalisi, UNIMED
Presentations from Mediterranean partner countries
 Sustainable Transport and Urban Mobility in Egypt  Prof. Iman Mohammed Wafei Ramadan,
Arab Academy
 Sustainable Transport Project in Egypt  Mr. Mohamed Fathy Ali, Egyptian
Environmental Affairs Agency
Sustainable Transport and Urban Mobility in Jordan Prof. Turki Ibrahim Obaidat Kayed, Jordan
University of Science & Technology
Sustainable Transport and Urban Mobility in Lebanon  Prof. Lindos Daou, Université Saint Esprit de
SOLUTIONS: Sharing Opportunities for Low carbon Urban TransportaTION  Mrs. Pınar Köse, EMBARQ Turkey
 Sustainable Transport and Urban Mobility in Palestine Prof. Khaled Al-Sahili, An Najah
 Sustainable Transport and Urban Mobility in Turkey  Dr. Gurkan Gunay, University of Boğaziçi


  • Istanbul traffic control centre, hosted by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM): In Istanbul, as in any other city, traffic can be affected by diverse factors such as weather condition, the day of the week or the ocurrence of an special event. Due to its geographical position, Istanbul has two bottlenecks on its the bridges which connect Asia and Europe. The Traffic Control Center (TCC) of IMM employs different methods for monitoring traffic flow, including real time video surveillance and broadcast of traffic congestion and accidents information.
  • Metrobus Kağıthane Operation Centre:  Public transport in Istanbul comprises metro, trams, suburban trains, light rail rapid transit, funiculars, a bus network which includes Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and maritime services. Istanbul has an integrated electronic ticket system based on smart RFID cards. In this technical visit, participants could learn about Metrobus, a 50 km BRT route with 45 stations using dedicated bus lanes for most of the route.



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