Green urban mobility, in the spotlight during the Viajeo Plus city showcase in Brazil

The City Mobility Week of Latin America was held in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo from 23 to 25 March 2015. The event aimed to facilitate knowledge exchange and experience sharing between Latin America and Europe on sustainable urban mobility. The event consisted of site visits, workshops and interactive meeting. It gathered technical experts, policy makers and researchers from Europe and Latin America to present their achievements on sustainable urban mobility solution and exchange their experiences.

Representatives from European cities, such as Lyon, Oslo and Madrid, and from Latin American cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Cariacica and São Paulo shared their practices in urban logistics, public transport, transport management, deployment of clean vehicles and infrastructure. In turn, representatives from European industry, such as Michelin, Volvo and Swarco presented their technologies and solutions to make urban mobility greener and more efficient. Latin American companies such as Commute Greener introduced their innovative solutions to encourage more city dwelers to use public transport.

In Rio de Janeiro, the event’s participants could visit the Operations Center, which constantly monitors the traffic situation and acts in the case of crisis events such as heavy rains, landslides and traffic accidents. This visit was followed by a ride in the famous Gondola lift and the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) built for the FIFA World Cup and the forthcoming Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. In São Paulo the participants could see the Leisure Cycling Lanes which are converted from roads for cars to cycling lanes every Sunday. The participants also experienced seamless multimodal travel by the integrated ticketing system available in São Paulo.

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